Book Reviews

Roar of the Dark by Aastha Rathod

“Roar of the Dark” expertly explores women’s perceptions of their bodies, shedding light on both the struggle for self-realization and the barriers that impede it. Naad’s potential as a bestselling author is evident, and I eagerly anticipate future endeavors.

The Way We Were by Prajwal Hegde

“The Way We Were” by Prajwal Hegde is a delightful romance with a genuine feel. Its engaging narrative and well-developed characters, including the compelling friendship, make it a comforting read. Surprisingly deep, it seamlessly weaves Andrew and Myrah’s family history into their romance, creating a charming and heartwarming story.

Anarkali by Sumant Batra

The mystifying presence of Anarkali has loomed large in history and folklore. Only a handful of dubitable details mark her story. In Anarkali, Sumant Batra ventures to piece together the puzzle surrounding her, giving her an identity, name, family and a life beyond the tragic love affair. Anarkali is a labour of love that expertly …

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