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Rediscovering Wonder: Why Adults Should Embrace Children’s Books

In recent years, there has been a delightful resurgence in adults’ interest in children’s literature. Far from being a mere trip down memory lane, exploring children’s books as adults offers a rich tapestry of timeless wisdom, imaginative escapades, and profound life lessons. Let’s dive into why adults should embrace children’s books beyond mere nostalgia. Unlocking …

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Which Fictional Character would you date?

February is here and Love is in the Air. With everyone around me going gaga over their boyfriends, I figured the least I could do, was imagine my dream boyfriend. So here is a call to all romance readers to think of their favourite leads and for all non-romance readers to analyze their choice once again (especially if you are single).

Why Read?

Reading as a hobby is more often than not seen as dull and boring. When someone asks me about my hobbies and I say, “Reading”, why is it always followed by an awkward “why…?”. Someone who likes sports, dance or music will not be asked the same. So why is this special treatment only for …

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Romanticising Toxicity

With Colleen Hoover’s books entering controversies again and again, I thought it was time for me to hop on the train. It is often debated how her books romanticise toxic relationships.  The latest instance of this insensitivity was the decision to publish a colouring book based on It Ends With Us. Surprisingly while many fans …

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