The Celebrity CEO, Tomson Robert: Meet & Greet

On 19th May 2024, I had the opportunity to attend a blogger-exclusive meet and greet with Tomson Robert, organized by Foster Reads. He is the author of the recently released book, The Celebrity CEO, a corporate thriller.

The event was attended by many well-known bloggers, a few of whom had already read the book, having met the author at the World Book Fair 2024. Tomson Robert has a charming personality and, as one blogger put it, “writes handsome, as well as looks handsome.”

As the meet began, we discussed various aspects of the book and got to know Tomson Robert better. This book is his third novel and is already being well-received by readers. He discussed his corporate life as the inspiration behind the book and mentioned the different struggles he faced while writing it.

In addition to this, he shared his experiences and advice that might help us in our present or future endeavours. One key point that I will always remember is his practice of having three buckets in life: work, passion, and family. I hope to implement this strategy in my life to make it easier to manage.

We also discussed different aspects of his book, including the well-developed characters, the smooth plot, and the unexpected twists. The author emphasised how the book deals with mental health, with empathy lying at the centre of the story.

We even discussed the cover of the book, which provides a layered image of the theme and plot. Let’s see if you can identify the hidden message when you spot the cover. What really caught my eye, though, was the blood at the bottom of the cover. Overall, the cover successfully conveys the theme and essence of the book.

The blurb of the book reminded me of Korean dramas, as we don’t see many fiction books in India featuring a charming CEO as the main character. What sets this book apart, however, is that it is a thriller, not a romance. As a huge fan of charming men in power, I am looking forward to reading this amazing book that those who have read it can’t stop talking about.

This event offered an enriching experience, deepening my curiosity and enthusiasm for The Celebrity CEO. Meeting Tomson Robert and discussing his creative process provided valuable insights into the making of this corporate thriller. It was fascinating to hear about the balance he strives to maintain between his work, passion, and family—an approach that many of us could benefit from. His candid discussion about mental health and empathy underscored the book’s deeper themes, making it more than just a thriller but also a story with a heart.

Overall, the meet and greet was an engaging and enlightening experience. Tomson Robert’s charisma and thoughtful responses left a lasting impression on all the bloggers present. As I look forward to diving into his book, I can’t help but feel grateful for the opportunity to interact with such a talented and insightful author. The blend of corporate intrigue, well-crafted characters, and underlying themes of mental health promises a compelling read.

I hope my recounting of this event has piqued your interest in The Celebrity CEO and perhaps even inspired you to attend similar literary events in the future.

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