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Anarkali by Sumant Batra

The mystifying presence of Anarkali has loomed large in history and folklore. Only a handful of dubitable details mark her story. In Anarkali, Sumant Batra ventures to piece together the puzzle surrounding her, giving her an identity, name, family and a life beyond the tragic love affair. Anarkali is a labour of love that expertly …

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The Stolen Necklace by Shevlin Sebastian & V.K. Thajudheen

When V.K. Thajudheen, a middle-aged man working in Doha, returned to his hometown, Kannur, after a few years, little did he know that instead of celebrating his daughter’s summer wedding he would be put behind bars for stealing a gold necklace. The local police, smug at apprehending a criminal in record time, wanted a confession …

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Which Fictional Character would you date?

February is here and Love is in the Air. With everyone around me going gaga over their boyfriends, I figured the least I could do, was imagine my dream boyfriend. So here is a call to all romance readers to think of their favourite leads and for all non-romance readers to analyze their choice once again (especially if you are single).

Why Read?

Reading as a hobby is more often than not seen as dull and boring. When someone asks me about my hobbies and I say, “Reading”, why is it always followed by an awkward “why…?”. Someone who likes sports, dance or music will not be asked the same. So why is this special treatment only for …

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