The Yogi Witch: Bloodlines and Legacies by Zorian Cross

Raised by a trio of witches, Jai Gill invites us on a journey of magic, mystery, and mayhem – all while teaching yoga during the day and slaying demons at night. As Jai begins the journey of not only embracing his magical legacy but also making peace with his sexuality, his magical life is shattered when he falls in love with the boy next door; the man who’s destined for a life steeped in evil. Love is, after all, a curse for all witches! Myths become real and the mundane becomes enchanting, as Jai and his witchy family remove the veil that separates reality and fantasy, all while enjoying endless cups of lavender tea and sinfully delicious goodies that are magically removed of all guilt.

Till now I hadn’t been able to find a book that made me like Fantasy. However, the moment I started reading The Yogi Witch, I knew I was hooked. I don’t know if I will risk picking another book from the same genre however, I will definitely be keeping track of this series. Zorian Cross has done an amazing job in capturing the essence of a Delhi with magic and adventures. The book is full of magic, secrets, spirituality and emotional ups and downs along with a healthy dose of sarcasm.

Zorian Cross has worked hard and been successful in introducing a magical realm that works hand in hand with; and explains the concepts of the modern world beautifully. What I love even more about the story is that even though it progressed at a fair speed, the author did justice to the sweet love blossoming between these two young boys; at no point was their relationship rushed. Even more, the character of Jai was fairly human. I know he was a witch and had magical powers, and I know that he overcame so many problems that we couldn’t have. However, at the same time, he loved to sing to Madonna, he lied, he cried, and he made mistakes; he is relatable. I think this is what made the book real and interesting for me, that even though he was fantastical, I could relate to the characters.

The author has done a magnificent job of mixing up love, lgbtq themes, magic and spirituality while keeping the flow of things, including character development, absolutely on point! However, even though I liked the sarcasm sprinkled throughout the book, it seemed rather sudden. The author has tried to include as many themes as possible however it is a very jerky ride as a reader when you are constantly introduced to new themes and then they are taken away from you. At the same time, I must say that those sarcastic lines are great enough to be quoted and re-quoted in every appropriate situation. It is amazing how beautifully Zorian Cross has captured the essence of Delhi in its true sense in his magical realm. Hats off to his imagination, research and hard work!

What disappointed me a little was the fact that there were no trigger warnings at the beginning of the book. This beautiful tale includes sexual assault (off-page), instances of homophobia, abuse and sex rituals (including necrophilia). Even though they were necessary for the plot and are well-written, I would have preferred to have known what I was in for. I hope the author can do this in his upcoming books of this series.

Finally, I guess this review would be incomplete without mentioning the book’s cover. With just the perfect amount of foiling to capture your attention, the cover perfectly expresses the magical world of Zorian Cross. The design conveys not only magic but a sense of purpose and the amazing courage of the main character. The front cover, back cover as well as the spine are beautifully illustrated to enhance the beauty of your bookshelf manyfold. 

If you are looking for an introduction to fantasy books, this is the perfect story for you. And if you are already familiar with the roads of fantasy books, why haven’t you read this book yet?

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