The Ex Factor by Harini Srinivasan

Oindrilla Roy or Oinks is having a lousy week. From her parents, to house help, the pets and her boss — everyone seems to seek her time and attention at the same time. Her cousin and best friend are not far behind and need her intervention with their own set of Shenanigans.
While Oinks grapples with all this, she is faced with her long-time crush, Vivek making an unexpected entry back into her life, after years. He also seems to like her even now (maybe). Or maybe not. With the many issues that haunt Oinks and demand her attention, and given her penchant for saying and doing just the wrong thing at the most inappropriate time, will this renewed contact blossom into something more?

As the author intended, this book was indeed a roller-coaster ride for me. However, probably not in the sense that she meant. My reason for choosing and being excited about this book was its interesting and quirky story. In books, however, an author’s writing style can make or break the story.

The language of the book was not suitable for me. I like a few Hindi phrases and sentences in the book, however, there were too many in this book. The first two chapters had too many jarring phrases and words that gradually decreased towards the end. I felt that the abusive language at certain points was unnecessary and just too much. For instance, the use of the word “tatti” was very jarring throughout the book because it didn’t seem very necessary.

This book can be a good chick-lit for Young Adults who want a light read. But, this was not it for me. 

Besides this, I came for the story and got it. I liked the quirky character of Oindrilla and a mom who is relatable for most. Further, the side stories of her best friend and cousin were interesting and added a unique touch. Even more, Hawkeye was a typical boss who loves to overwork his employees which is definitely something relatable for every intern or employee. I can definitely see many bosses being called by the same nickname in the office gossip columns. I love the fact that Oinks changed her opinion of the Bitch Aunty as the story progressed. It shows that we tend to form first opinions based on little information and knowing more about the person can change that.

Finally, I was not satisfied with how the story ended. I believe that when the reason for the breakup is your central point behind the present, you should provide it more value. The issue was resolved rather abruptly without giving it much focus. I liked the beginning of the story and even the flow, however, the lack of a clear resolution spoiled the ending for me. 

Still, considering the idea of the novel and the main story, I would love to read another book by her provided the writing style is a little formal compared to this book. 

The book has its ups and downs. The writing style did not work for me but it might for you. So I would recommend reading the first few pages in order to decide if it would work for you.

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    1. Thank you for reading my review! It brings me immeasurable joy to see that you responded. I have not read Curse of Anuganga yet. However, I just checked the blurb and am definitely adding it to my TBR. The story is really interesting and unique.

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