Celebrating Pride Month: A Reading List to Embrace Diversity

June is here, and with it comes the vibrant celebration of Pride Month. It’s a time to honour the history, culture, and contributions of the LGBTQ+ community. One of the most enriching ways to celebrate is through literature that offers diverse perspectives and voices. This Pride Month, I’ve curated a list of compelling books that …

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Rediscovering Wonder: Why Adults Should Embrace Children’s Books

In recent years, there has been a delightful resurgence in adults’ interest in children’s literature. Far from being a mere trip down memory lane, exploring children’s books as adults offers a rich tapestry of timeless wisdom, imaginative escapades, and profound life lessons. Let’s dive into why adults should embrace children’s books beyond mere nostalgia. Unlocking …

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The Celebrity CEO, Tomson Robert: Meet & Greet

I attended an exclusive meet and greet with Tomson Robert, organized by Foster Reads. His debut novel, The Celebrity CEO, a corporate thriller, has captivated readers. Tomson shared insights from his corporate life, the inspiration behind his book, and his writing challenges. Meeting Tomson and fellow bloggers was exciting. Can’t wait to dive into it!

Roar of the Dark by Aastha Rathod

“Roar of the Dark” expertly explores women’s perceptions of their bodies, shedding light on both the struggle for self-realization and the barriers that impede it. Naad’s potential as a bestselling author is evident, and I eagerly anticipate future endeavors.

The Way We Were by Prajwal Hegde

“The Way We Were” by Prajwal Hegde is a delightful romance with a genuine feel. Its engaging narrative and well-developed characters, including the compelling friendship, make it a comforting read. Surprisingly deep, it seamlessly weaves Andrew and Myrah’s family history into their romance, creating a charming and heartwarming story.

Anarkali by Sumant Batra

The mystifying presence of Anarkali has loomed large in history and folklore. Only a handful of dubitable details mark her story. In Anarkali, Sumant Batra ventures to piece together the puzzle surrounding her, giving her an identity, name, family and a life beyond the tragic love affair. Anarkali is a labour of love that expertly …

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